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  CatBoat© is a game for MacOS®  

CatBoat neither is a 'shareware' or a 'freeware', this is a valuation version.
You can use it for one to two months.
CatBoat is written with Symantec Think Pascal.
Sources are avaibles on demand
CatBoat is downloadable in different formats without any help files
All rights reserved CatBoat 1.0 demo © Tod,1997

How to play ?

System Mac OS (68040 ---> PowerPC)
Ecran 640x480 screen - Thousand colours


The 'Automatic' frame allows to automate some handle's catamaran.
The 'Vent' (wind) frame allows to set the wind.
The wind is preset to race.
Choose a run.
Choose a name or tip a 'new' name in the 'Inscription' frame.
Click on the 'Concurrents' button.

Choose opponents for regata and for the last run in this race
Reset Top Five for this run.
Settings :

- rudder 's mecanisms

- Main Sail tension and cunningham

- Leeways settings

- l'enfournement :  2 skipper positions

- la gîte :  3 skipper positions

- the sail setting :   main sail's 5 positions for each amure
- l'anémomètre gives wind and direction forces
 wind strengh is displayed in Knots and in Beaufort
- 'geosat' gives the catamaran longitude and latitude position
- the 'loch' shows the boat speed in knots
- the 'allure' (speed) gives the angle betwen heading and wind, this angle used as penon
- the 'compas' (compass) show's the sailboat direction
 double arrows change boat cap of 9°
 simple arrows change heading of 3°
- the chronometer can be reset to navigation mood
- 3 minutes breakdown before start

Regatta :
3 minutes allowed to get to the (virtual) start line, between buoy and committy boat.
a gun fire is shot one minute before start.
You have to stand on the right side of the line during the last 30 seconds.
Wrong start recalls are individuals and make the skipper to cross again the start line surrounding the start buoy or the committy boat.
An undone buoy disqualified the skipper.
No penality when an obstacle is touched, but the catamaran stops.

Downloading at Xoom ( San Francisco )
CatBoat© hqx format ( , ) : 2 Mo
CatBoat© zip archive ( ) : 1.4 Mo

Downloading at Mygale ( Paris )
CatBoat© hqx format ( , ) : 2 Mo
CatBoat© zip archive ( ) : 1.4 Mo

Downloading at Chez
CatBoat© au format hqx ( , ) : 2Mo
CatBoat© gzip archive ( ) : 1.4 Mo